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Shipping and payment

Shipping Costs

We ship all motorbike fairings worldwide from the Czech Republic. As we want to minimize the shipping costs. The motorcycle fairings have low weight, so when you order more pieces, we always try to put as many pieces as possible into one box.

This is why we do not know the shipping costs in at the moment of the order and we don't show shipping cost on checkout - we need to put the goods into box(es) first so that we could calculate the shipping costs.

Then we send you an email with total price including shipping and we ship the order once you agree with the final price and we receive your payment.

Payment options

We offer these types of payment:

  • Paypal

    We will send you an invoice to your Paypal account and you will receive a notification to your Paypal account email address. Then you can complete the payment within your Paypal account.

  • Wire transfer

    You can send the payment to our bank account. However, you need to select the option that you pay the fees.

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