RC390 2022

Top race fairings for KTM RC390 2022 - 2023! Premium race fairings for your motorcycle.


Rear subframe KTM RC390 2023
(€294,03 incl. VAT)
p1011770 220x220
(€27,83 incl. VAT)
screen high version (2)
(€169,40 incl. VAT)
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€50,82 incl. VAT

Fitting and drilling fasteners is service, where we drill holes and fit fasteners for you. This service is include it all fasteners what do you need for this race set!

Front Fairing + Dasboard Holder KTM RC390 2022 - 2023
€107,69 incl. VAT

Aluminium front fairing holder for KTM RC390 2022 - 2023!

p1011770 220x220
€27,83 incl. VAT

Pack of 6 quick release fasteners

screen high version (2)
€169,40 incl. VAT

Race windscreen for KTM RC390 2022 - clear

Rear subframe KTM RC390 2023
€294,03 incl. VAT

A revolution in the world of racing motorcycles: Introducing new fairings for the KTM RC390 (2022 - 2023)

In the world of motorcycle racing, there is a game-changing novelty. We are proud to introduce our latest fairings for the 2022 to 2023 KTM RC390. These fairings are not just an accessory - they are high-end components that improve the performance, aerodynamics and appearance of your motorcycle.

Built for Performance

Our fairings are made of the highest quality materials: laminate, kevlar and carbon. Each of these materials has been carefully selected for its unique properties:

Laminate: Provides a great balance between strength and weight, ideal for racers looking for durability without adding unnecessary weight.

Kevlar: This material is known for its resistance to impact and abrasion. Kevlar fairings are almost indestructible, which is crucial for racers who want to ensure maximum protection for their machine.

Carbon: The lightest and strongest material from our offer. Carbon fiber fairings improve aerodynamics and reduce the overall weight of the bike, allowing for faster acceleration and better handling.
Aesthetics That Astonish

Not only are our fairings functional, but they also have a modern look that's sure to turn heads on the race track or on the street. The smooth surface and professional finish will make your KTM RC390 look not only fast, but also stylish.

Easy Installation and Customization

We designed our fairings to be easy to install and meet the needs of racers. We know that every competitor has their own specific requirements, which is why we offer the possibility of individual customization - from the choice of materials to colors.